Derby Spirits


We’re sure that you’ve got a favorite food, but imagine eating it once a day every day. Could get a little boring, right? That’s how we view having the same cocktail on a daily basis. There’s a wide world of flavors going on behind the bar and you’re seriously depriving your palate if you’re opting for “a shot and a beer” every day after work. What we’d like to encourage you to do then is bring yourself up to speed on the history of fresh fruit-infused whiskey and how a new line of banana-infused blends is expected to take bars across the country by storm.

According to, a spirits-centric industry website for those who appreciate a good drink, there are plenty of flavors to choose from when seeking a fruit-infused whiskey. In an exploration of the subject, the website states that fresh fruit infusions are a quick and easy way to lighten up the flavor of traditionally strong whiskey. What’s more, notes that those looking to do fruit infusions in-house can accomplish this with a handful of tools and ingredients and achieve a “huge payoff.” One classic take on alcohol and fruit infusion is rumtopf, a German drink that encourages those doing the prep work to start in June and not open the strawberry-flavored drink until Christmas. Indeed, such a flavorful final product is why the introduction of fresh fruit into whiskey is why this sector of spirits has taken off. However, as The New York Times states in an exploration of the history of fruit-infused drinks, it takes many months for the flavors of the spirit and fruit of your choice to sufficiently combine.

While the do-it-yourself crowd has been coming up with ever-increasing lists of their home-brewed approached for generations, there are plenty of us who don’t have the time, patience or tools needed to make concoctions like this at home. Fortunately, there are companies currently on the market who are doing the hard work required to get a great-tasting banana-infused whiskey to a bar near you. Nevada-based Derby Spirits is one such company specializing in fresh fruit spirit infusion. The soon-to-be-released banana-infused whiskey that Derby Spirits will be releasing in January 2018 is the product of an advanced proprietary process. The end result is sure to be one of the smoothest and enjoyable adult beverages available upon release – and that’s no small feat for an alcohol with such a rough-and-tumble reputation as whiskey. However, the great products that Derby Spirits offers are one of the reasons why the Nevada producer has secured partnerships with global hospitality leaders in nightlife and restaurants.